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Quilts, textile art, fibre art, art in fabrics, pillows, bags, aprons, placemats, custom made gifts, Hand-crafted wood products, charcuterie and cheese boards

Ana Paula Brasil is an international artist graduated in fine arts and photography. She works with textile, printing fabrics and creating art to bring happiness over empty walls.  She was born into a family of poets, artists, and seamstresses. Her love affair with quilting began with her grandma when she was only eight years old.  She likes to teach and share her knowledge all over the world, producing many TV shows also featuring in dozens of magazines. Ana’s art can be seen in public exhibitions, museums, and galleries.  She lives in Thunder Bay, her Studio is open year around for visitors to enjoy and appreciate some of Ana’s art in an inspiring and vibrant environment. She has a Quilt Shop and Classes where you may have opportunity to invest some time.  Ana Paula is always filled with humour, high energy, stories, and tips, ensuring her classes are educational and fun.  Paula states “I believe that there are no mistakes but opportunities. Get ready to think outside the box!”

136 Frederica St. W
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